Artist and designer, Melissa Colson believes that life is lived in the everyday moments, and those moments should be lived well. Her passion is bringing beauty and style into everyday life through her work. Melissa's signature designs are filled with botanical inspiration and intricate detailing, where classic elegance meets modern sensibility.


    Meet Melissa   

Hello and welcome! I believe that your home is much more than just a place to tells your story. The trouble is, decorating can be intimidating. No one wants to make a mistake, and that can make it hard to get started. I wanted to take the guesswork out of design so I created a line of home decor specially designed to make decorating and entertaining effortless!

With almost two decades of experience helping people to create lovely homes, I understand the stress and common fears associated with making design decisions. I have a formal education in interior design and I've worked both as a designer and professional artist.

Growing up in the South I spent many hours outside. I could always be found drawing or painting and to this day, one of my favorite things is to study the simple beauty of a flower and capture its colors and subtleties on canvas. My subject matter is heavily influenced by nature, and my time spent in London, Paris, and Milan profoundly shaped my style and design aesthetic.

When I worked in interior design, one of my favorite things was getting to know my customers. I enjoyed solving design problems, and I learned about their likes, needs, and concerns. I saw what goes into the design of quality products that not only sold well, but had functionality. I always told my customers that you pay for what you don't see. The value is in the details.

Shortly before my first child was born I started my own company as a professional illustrator. It gave me the flexibility to set my own schedule, and it also reinvigorated my creative energy. I had the honor of working with amazing clients around the world in a variety of industries. This allowed me the unique opportunity of gaining valuable insight into what resonates with consumers, and also gave me depth as an artist and designer.

Always looking for new challenges and ways to grow my skills as an artist, I became fascinated with surface design and the process of using artwork to create repeating patterns to be placed on products. I started developing pattern collections of my own. There was nothing quite like seeing my work come alive in a room through wallpaper, fabric, table linens...the possibilities were endless!

An entrepreneur at heart, I developed my brand with the desire to help people live well every day. I wanted to create products that are not only beautiful to look at, but will hold up with use--a "livable luxury" so to speak. In order to create aesthetically pleasing designs that are in demand, it’s vital for my process to be classically grounded yet complimented with my interpretation of current trends. We're so excited about our new home décor line that we launched last year! We're constantly adding new products, so be sure you sign up for our list and you'll kow as soon as our products go live. I believe our surroundings have a significant impact on our outlook and quality of life, and I want to help you to enjoy your home as much as I do mine!


Why our products are different

With so many home décor items in the marketplace it can be hard to tell them all apart! We believe in creating better home goods to help people live well every day. To us, living well is all about experiencing joy and beauty in the little things that make our hearts smile. Our homes should be lived in and enjoyed, and that means crafting superior products and creating a better customer experience. This philosophy is at the core of everything we do.

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